Marcus High School Orchestra

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Dear Orchestra Students,

Thank you to so many of you for engaging yourselves in the audition process this year. It was a pleasure to listen to so many well-prepared auditions. I am so excited to work with all of you. The placement list will be on the website Thursday by 8:00pm. You will be listed by ID number and orchestra placement. Only those that auditioned are listed. A reminder that we have 3 independent, ability-based orchestras (Chamber, Sinfonia, and Philharmonic). Many factors are involved in determining placement: ability to be successful in the repertoire, balance needs of the ensemble (i.e. an orchestra cannot have 30 violas and 5 cellos), the audition prepared, the body of work you have shown throughout the year, and middle school director recommendation (for incoming 9th graders). It’s highly encouraged that you make every effort to enroll in the orchestra you were placed in. Students may elect to enroll in a lower level orchestra for scheduling purposes, but not higher level. Guidance Counselors have also received these placements. Both Fall and Spring semester involvement is expected for all orchestras. We seek to build 3 wonderful orchestras with great students in all of them. All students will continue having the opportunity to perform excellent literature, participate in concerts, travel, and enjoy fun social activities. There is a place for you in the MHS Orchestras no matter what your goals are.

Nearly 25 people expressed interest and interviewed for officer positions. I’m so excited that you are interested in getting involved in the program and adding your creativity and ideas to it. This list will also be posted on the website tonight. You are going to add so much next year! Your first task will be to help design some team-building activities for the beginning of next year.

I have a one-week inquiry policy in regards to audition and officer results (i.e., I will not be talking about audition results until Thursday, June 14, so please hold your e-mails and questions until then). At that point, if you are ready to have a calm, thoughtful, and poised discussion, I am more than happy to talk to you.

I loved this year and can’t wait for next. Enjoy your summer!

Mrs. Washler