Marcus High School Orchestra

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Marcus Orchestra Auditions 2019-2020

I am so excited that you will be a part of the Marcus Orchestras next year! I am really looking forward to having you in class next year! All students enrolled in the Marcus Orchestra next year must complete an audition. These auditions will be used as one factor to determine your placement in the three ensembles. The audition does not keep you from being in orchestra—it just helps me know which orchestra you should be enrolled for and where you will be the most comfortable. Orchestra placement is based on ability, and students will be placed where they will experience the most success and appropriate challenges. All orchestras are high caliber and need high-level students to serve as musical leaders within them. We will again have three orchestras next year: Philharmonic, Sinfonia, and Chamber.

Important Note: If you do not audition you will be automatically placed in Philharmonic and will not have the opportunity to audition for another orchestra until the end of the following school year.

Attached you will find an audition packet. There are two levels of auditions:

  • Level 1 is for students who do not wish to be considered for the varsity chamber orchestra. You will be placed in either Philharmonic or Sinfonia next year. You will prepare the etude labeled Level 1.
  • Level 2 is for students wishing to be considered for the varsity orchestra at Marcus. You will be placed in either Philharmonic, Sinfonia, or Chamber next year. You will prepare both etudes labeled Level 2.

Any printed fingerings should be considered good suggestions. You are welcome to use different fingerings, but please try to honor the intent as far as shifting, etc. Tempos indicated are to give you an idea of the appropriate character of the excerpt. While you should consider the indicated tempo your goal, going slower to facilitate a clean and accurate performance is always better than a sloppy performance at the marked tempo. 

Placement evaluations will take place a little differently this year. Instead of completing a live audition, each student will submit a video recording to google classroom (class code eicbou). Upload a video of your etude(s). Make sure the camera angle is positioned so that your left and right hand are visible. Video submissions are due by Friday, May 10.

Results will be posted to this website by the last day of school, and counselors will receive placements for scheduling purposes. Full year enrollment is expected from all orchestra members, and full year enrollment is required from members of the varsity chamber orchestra.

Thank you in advance for your hard work! Feel free to contact Mrs. Washler ( with any audition related questions you may have.