Marcus High School Orchestra

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Classroom Resources:


Apps to help you practice:


A great, full-featured app that gives you an easy-to-read tuner, a powerful metronome, a recorder, a tone generator for intonation work, and soundwave analysis to work on tone production, articulation, dynamics, etc.


Allows you full access to Charms through your mobile device.  Also the easiest way to use the recording studio.  Choose the "Parent/Student Portal" version of the app.  Login is the same as for the full site:  MarcusHSOrch.


A powerful sequencer and recorder app.  Sequence your own compositions, create accompaniments to play along with, and take advantage of powerful recording tools.  iOS only.   

A great app that allows you to look up the fingering for any note, look at different places on your instrument to play a pitch, and how it corresponds to both the notated note and its location on a keyboard.